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TriTech T93R Contractor Pro Tip (QC)

T93R Contractor series
Professional Spray Tip
T93R Reversible Airless Tip System
The T93R Airless Tip System from TriTech Industries is the longest lasting, highest-quality tip and guard available to today's professional painter.
It's loaded with patented and exclusive features that give you consistent, dependable performance day-in and day-out in the most demanding work environments.
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£21.00 inc. VAT £17.50 exc. VAT
Aristospray Pro Tip Code:
For use with all makes of airless piston pumps fitted with a TriTech T93R Guard
Features include:
• Patented seal alignment system for quick and accurate installation
• Mega-hard tungsten carbide for long duty life
• Hand-tight guard with large knurls for a sure grip
• Tip size tag for quick and accurate size identification
• Tip ring feature allows you to store tips on a belt clip or a hook
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